Ectropion/Entropion Repair

When the lower eyelid droop down and turns outward, it is called Ectropion.  This can happen due to age, skin disease, a tumor, trauma, or a burn to the eyelid. Ectropion can make your eyes dry, watery, and sensitive to light and wind.  Ectropion is more common in older adults and can be caused by muscle weakness, facial paralysis, scars or previous surgeries, eyelid growths or genetic disorders.

If you feel you may have this condition, it is important to be seen by your doctor.   Ectropion leaves your cornea irritated and exposed, making it more susceptible to drying.  This result can be abrasions and ulcers on the cornea, which can threaten your vision.

If the eyelid turns in toward the eyeball it is called Entropion.  This condition can develop due to age, infection or scarring inside the eyelid.  When the eyelid turns inward, your eyelashes and skin may rub against the eye.  This can make your eyes red, watery, and irritated.  If this is not treated, Entropion may also lead to infection of your cornea.  It is most commonly seen on the lower lid.

If you are having rapidly increasing redness in your eyes, pain, sensitivity to light or decreased vision, you should be seen by your doctor.  These are signs and symptoms of cornea injury, which can harm your vision.

Entropion can be caused by muscle weakness, scars or pervious surgeries, eye infection, inflammation, or genetics.  Factors that increase your risk of developing Entropion include age, previous burns or trauma, or Trachoma infection.  Corneal irritation and injury are the more serious complications related to Entropion because they can lead to permanent vision loss.

Surgery for Ectropion and Entropion returns the eyelids to their normal position. 

Entropion and Ectropion of Lower Eyelid