Corneal Conditions

The cornea is the part of the eye that helps focus light so you can see clearly.  Common corneal conditions include small abrasions, which usually heal on their own, however, deeper scratches or other injuries can cause corneal scarring and other vision problems. When it is damaged, it can often lead to vision loss.

River Falls Eye Surgery and Laser Center can diagnose your condition and set up a treatment plan. Some of the cornea conditions we treat include:

Many corneal conditions can be treated with prescription eye drops or pills.  If you have advanced corneal disease, you may need different treatment such as laser or corneal transplantation surgery.

If you choose to have cataract surgery, your doctor will review the procedure and discuss which lens replacement options are best for you.

Corneal Conditions 1

When to get help right away

You should be seen by your eye doctor if you experience any of the following: