Botox - Blepharospasm

Botox ® is used to treat a condition called Blepharospasm.  Blepharospasm is the term used to describe involuntary movements of the eyelid.  Mild symptoms and common twitching of the eyelids are usually referred to a tic, twitch, or flicker of the eyelid.  Some conditions associated with blepharospasm include dry eyes, however, most cases occur spontaneously with no apparent cause.  Both men and women of any age can be affected.   Symptoms can occur bilaterally (in both eyes) when people are awake but disappear when they’re asleep. 

Symptoms of blepharospasm may include the following:

Discomfort in the eye Including:

What are the risk factors for blepharospasm? People are at an increased risk of blepharospasm if they have:

There is no cure, however, treatment includes injections of medication such as Botox® may help.  The best way to minimize or eliminate blepharospasm symptoms is to keep up with treatments prescribed by your doctor.  Treatments may prevent symptoms from arising or keep them at bay for short or long periods of time, enabling people with this condition to improve their quality of life.